Võru Cheese Plant

Võru Cheese Plant of Valio Eesti employs nearly 180 people, which makes it one of the biggest employers in Võru. On average, the cheese plant produces 900 tonnes of various cheese products per month. The most popular products of the plant are Valio Atleet cheese, which is more than 30 years old by now; the hard Italian-style Valio Forte cheese that was offered at the Beijing Olympic Games; and the first Estonian range of Royal Gouda cheeses that was launched in 2008.

Nearly half of the products of Valio Eesti’s Võru Cheese Plant are sold outside Estonia, which makes Valio Eesti the biggest local cheese exporter. The products of Võru Cheese Plant can be found in Italy (however, the products are not sold under the Valio Võru Cheese Plant brand over there), the United States of America, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Belgium, Greece and other European countries.

The traditions of Võru Cheese Plant date back to 1968, which means that the plant is one of the most experienced cheese manufacturers in Estonia. Võru Cheese Plant has officially belonged among the approved cheese manufacturers of the European Union since 2000.