Valio Eesti is the largest Estonian dairy company that produces and markets fresh dairy products and cheese made of milk from Southern-Estonian farms. Valio Eesti is also the country’s largest cheese exporter.

Our delicious cheeses are enjoyed throughout the world: Italy, USA, UAE, Canada, India, CIS countries, Greece, Poland, Hungary etc. Our most exported product is Gran Regale hard cheese - born from a unique Italian-Estonian cooperation.


Valio Eesti AS

Sõpruse pst. 145 B korpus 13425, Tallinn

Phone number: +372 628 5700

Valio Eesti AS Laeva Plant

Valmaotsa küla, Tartu vald, Tartumaa 60605

Phone number: +372 730 1687

Valio Eesti AS Võru Cheese Plant

Pikk 23, Võru 65604

Phone number: +372 782 1028