Valio PROfeel

Valio PROfeel is a brand for conscious eaters (incl. athletes) who are looking for healthy ingredients that are rich in protein but contain few carbohydrates for their table. The protein content in Valio PROfeel products falls in the range 18.4–21.6 g per product, which is ideally suited for a physically active person. Physical activity includes all kinds of activity that is more active than normal – jogging, aerobics, dancing, strength training, speed walking, cycling, etc. Valio PROfeel products nourish your muscles, helping you keep your muscles functional and reducing fatigue and risk of injuries. Valio PROfeel protein quark creams and yoghurts have been developed in cooperation with the 18-time Estonian Bodybuilding and Fitness Champion Ott Kiivikas, ensuring that the nutritional value of products complies with the needs of physically active people.

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