Valio Gefilus cherry kefir 1kg

Nutrition per 100g

Energy 316 kJ/ 75 kcal
Protein 2,8 g
Fat 2,2 g (of which saturated fatty acids 1,5 g)
Carbohydrates 11,0 g (of which sugars 11,0 g)
Salt 0,09 g (salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occuring sodium)
Vitamin D 1 µg (20% of recommended daily dose)
  • Ingredients

    MILK 88%, sugar, cherries 2,4%, modified starch (maize), coloring (beetroot red), flavoring, starter culture, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, vitamin D.

Valio Gefilus cherry kefir 1kg
  • Preservative-free