Career possibilities in Valio Eesti


The value of Valio is to make the best, also keeping the employees in mind. Every day we work enthusiastically with innovative products, in order to offer high-quality, tasty, functional and fresh dairy products to Estonian consumers. We make these products with high commitment, warm heart and over 110 years of experience. Our major recent achievements are the title of the Estonian Best Food Product 2015 for Valio Gefilus Cappuccino Kephir, and the title of the Estonian Best Dairy Product 2013 for the top of our cheese range, Italian cheese Valio Forte Speciale. Such excellent results are based on very good teamwork, wish for continuous development, and naturally also mutual learning and readiness for cooperation.

Valio Eesti is a reliable and fair employer, who takes care of the welfare of their employees. We offer to the employees various opportunities for development and training on different posts and in different stages of career. In all our activities we aim to develop our skills, knowledge and management. Our objective is that we could all do the work adding real value, amidst ambitious objectives and the best professionals of the field. Training and development programmes of Valio Eesti are adapted to the objectives of the employees and the business of Valio, and we invest annually more than 57,000 Euros into the training of our staff.

Recruitment and selection

The objective of Valio Eesti is to establish and develop long-term mutual employment relationships with the employees, which is well illustrated by long average service of our employees - 9 years. When selecting the employees, we take account of their basic knowledge, work experience and potential in the extent, which would reach far beyond the specific post to be fulfilled.

Settling period of employees

Training and help from colleagues facilitates getting accustomed with work. We consider important to ensure as fast and successful start as possible on the new post for all employees, and therefore we ensure to every new colleague a training programme including objectives, culture and procedures of the organisation, as well as a mentor supporting personal development.

If necessary, also professional training is conducted, and during the starting period support is provided by managers as well as experienced colleagues.

Ensuring offspring

Growth of well-educated staff and good cooperation relations with educational institutions are important factors for ensuring continuous development. To achieve this objective, we provide opportunity to conduct practice in various units of Valio Eesti.

Remuneration and benefits 

Employees are rewarded directly by paying salary, which would ensure considerable quality of life and enable continuous development. Components of the salary set are:

  • fixed remuneration;
  • permanent additional remuneration based on competencies,
  • variable salary based on outstanding work results,
  • benefits offered by the employer.

As additional benefits, we offer the possibility to visit a gym on the expense of the company, additional 7-day winter vacation and beneficial purchase of own products. We remember the employees in case of important events, such as anniversary, work anniversary, graduation of a school, marriage, birth of a child and starting school. The main part of gross remuneration of any full-time employee of the company is over 700 Euros per month.

Distribution of information

Valio Eesti supports open communication policy, which helps the employees to understand the current situation of the company, economic status, and their possibilities to contribute to the growth of results of the company. We also appreciate regular and open exchange of information between units, colleagues, subordinates and superiors. Information meetings for office employees are held monthly, while we also distribute operative information in the internal portal of our company, digital information screens and quarterly internal paper Valiolane.

Working environment and working conditions

Valio Eesti is constantly investing into the establishment of better working conditions (contemporary tools, equipment, working spaces, working clothes, protective equipment etc). Measurements of risk factors, risk analysis and opinions of independent experts provide the basis for making any necessary changes. With preventive measures of occupational health we protect the employees from occupational accidents and diseases, and we have insured all our employees against accidents and occupational diseases. Furthermore, the employees, who are regularly sent to assignments abroad, have also travel insurance.